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The Background

Viaero Wireless exists to provide superior quality rural wireless service to local subscribers in Colorado, Kansas, Nebrasska, and Whyoming region - making their safety, quality of life, and ability to communicate the equal of their urban counterparts. They achieve this by providing superior coverage, access anytime, immediate personal customer service, a competitive product within the local borders, and a seamless connectivity of features and services outside of our borders. Viaero Wireless tries to make a difference in the communities they serve. In addition to providing the best coverage possible, Viaero participates in numerous local events and sponsorships each year.

When Viaero Wireless needed to meet increased volume, speed, and security requirements to launch its scalable marketing technology platform, the company knew its in-house hosting solution wouldn’t cut it. ViaeroWireless had an idea, a plan and an audience for it's premium mobile and social marketing services — it just needed an infrastructure that could keep up with it. Viaero Wireless found its answer in UnidenHosting’s servers with server management solutions, complemented by the certifications, applications, and partner network Viaero Wireless needed to operate efficiently and securely within the mid-west region.

Find out how this fast-growth SMB selected the technology behind their technology and became a preferred provider for a few very large enterprise clients.

The Challenges

In 2006, ViaeroWireless decided to deliver their award-winning innovative solutions to a growing market via a tool called the Mobile Marketing Center. This solution would help its clients communicate with customers 24/7, detect customer trends, preferences, and optimize their marketing strategies. ViaeroWireless’s testing and development initially took place on servers that ViaeroWireless managed and hosted themselves.

When ViaeroWireless was ready to make its new tool publicly available, they knew their hosting solution would need to scale rapidly to handle the increased traffic they expected.

We weighed the costs of building upon our own 'data center' against the benefits of partnering with a hosting provider. It was immediately clear that a hosting provider would not only be more cost-effective, they would simply be better equipped to manage our infrastructure. We’re application guys — they’re hosting guys. We can accomplish more with them focusing on the infrastructure for us.

— Jon Thies Viaero Wireless Chief Technical Officer

The Solution

Infrastructure Scalability, Security, Database, Partner

ViaeroWireless had an employee who had previously worked for UnidenHosting, and suggested the company’s decision-makers see what the hosting provider could offer.

"UnidenHosting came highly recommended, and provided several unique qualities," Thies explained. "We have servers with an uptime of over 1,000 days. It’s nice not to have to reboot a server for three years."

The executives at Viaero Wireless were also impressed with the expertise displayed by UnidenHosting’s personnel, both in helping them migrate to UnidenHosting’s servers, and in adapting as ViaeroWireless’s needs changed.

UnidenHosting’s partnerships with other technology companies helped Viaero Wireless meet technical needs beyond those they expected a hosting provider to address. Companies like R1Soft provided a backup solution, while StillSecure provided ViaeroWireless with additional resources and expertise for security. Internally, ViaeroWireless has migrated to UnidenHosting’s hosted applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

When UnidenHosting became SAS 70 Type II certified in 2010 shortly after building their own data center in Colorado, this certification alone became a major selling point for ViaeroWireless’s prospective key enterprise customers.

"A lot of our competitors don’t offer the certifications that UnidenHosting does," Thies said. "First SAS 70, and now SSAE 16. We’re able to offer our clients the added confidence that certification brings."

ViaeroWireless security needs continue to evolve, which has come to UnidenHosting with new challenges and has been impressed with the hosting provider’s willingness to adapt to meet their specific needs.

"When we bring them a challenge, they don’t say, 'No.' They say, 'I’ll see how we can make that happen.'" Thies said. "I wish I could get that kind of service everywhere."

The Results

From the time ViaeroWireless chose UnidenHosting as their hosting service provider in 2006, the growth of their business has accelerated rapidly. ViaeroWireless now runs 13 managed servers at UnidenHosting, and is adding an average of one to two servers each quarter.

Two years ago in October, we acquired four servers to reach eight total, and we grew into that, then we added a couple more, and quickly grew into those. In the last few years we’ve grown from a company that could be hosted out of a garage to an enterprise that runs sophisticated data analysis for some of the world’s largest companies, and UnidenHosting has honestly kept pace with us every step of the way.

Today, ViaeroWireless offers its technology solutions as a blend of social, local and mobile solutions, with the scalability for the world’s biggest brands to manage communication with their end mobile and social users for Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Nebraska areas. The scalability of the platform or server environment is important, as large corporations track how their regional and local marketing teams interact with various clients around the world. Managing the Big Data and analysis that is collected with all these conversations is important for producing the predictive analytics that allow brands to harness their international and local reputations.

Our enterprise customers receive dedicated hardware, so there can be no impact on SLAs," Thies said. "That’s basically how we’ve grown. The customer size and throughput requirements dictate the deployment of dedicated servers."

This flexibility, combined with UnidenHosting’s partnerships, skills and resources, has made UnidenHosting an intrinsic part of ViaeroWireless’s success.

We have always been a big supporter of local businesses, by always trying to make a difference in the communities we serve by participating in numerous local events and sponsorships each year. We are very fortunate to have found a local business that can provide us with our global needs and has a similar game plan to support local communities, but remember we didn't make our purchase based on local ideas. We needed a real provider and being local was just a plus. Backups, security, certifications, flexibility — UnidenHosting has met each need we’ve come up with and continues to impress.

— Jon Thies Viaero Wireless Chief Technical Officer

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