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Sunburst Chemicals Streamlined—
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The Background

Sunburst Chemicals Products has helped customers "Care for Work Environments" since 1970, creating state-of-the-art cleaning and chemical solutions for disinfecting, odor control, water treatment, laundry, and a variety of other purposes. Serving government entities and organizations in the healthcare, food service and hospitality industries, Sunburst Chemicals operates across the United States, deploying employees far and wide to help the company’s clients achieve their goals.

In 2018, Sunburst Chemicals approached UnidenHosting to help evolve the company‚Äôs infrastructure by making a multi-stage move to the cloud—first starting with a migration from on-premise servers to managed hosted Microsoft Exchange, and then later to UnidenHosting‚Äôs fully-managed Microsoft Office 365. During this process, UnidenHosting assisted Sunburst Chemicals in maintaining their email server and standardizing their applications across the board, creating a more efficient, streamlined infrastructure.

The Challenges


Sunburst Chemicals was struggling with reliability and downtime due to the number of applications they were hosting internally. With 800+ users and only a three-person staff to manage it all, these issues were a strain on company resources.


Sunburst Chemicals’s mail system required roughly 800GBs of backup, which was double the amount of space needed just three years prior. This put a strain on the company’s limited physical storage infrastructure and small IT team.


Before their first migration, Sunburst Chemicals’s email SPAM filtering was administered in-house. With 25-50% of the company’s traffic being created by SPAM, this had a huge impact on bandwidth.


Without an on-staff Exchange administrator, troubleshooting and repairs had to be outsourced, which was becoming increasingly costly. Plus, hosting internal servers was becoming more difficult for the company’s small IT team, and the high electrical, cooling, and maintenance costs were taking their toll.


Sunburst Chemicals had only a small IT team managing an infrastructure where multiple applications were being used by 800+ employees. This meant far too many different kinds of apps were in use across the company, creating a need to simplify and standardize them into one suite for all to use. Solution

We weren’t just trying to find someone to host our mail. We were trying to identify a trusted partner that we could work with hand-in-hand to meet our back-office IT needs.

— Jeff Black, Sunburst Chemicals Project Manager and Infrastructure Support Specialist

The Solution

Streamline, increase performance, and add value

UnidenHosting strategically planned and performed a streamlined, multi-phase migration from on-premise servers to the cloud, while ensuring that the migration didn‚Äôt include unnecessary "junk" data or affect any of Sunburst Chemicals‚Äôs 800+ users—or their customers. During each phase of the migration, Sunburst Chemicals maintained uptime during business hours while UnidenHosting provided support during and after hours.

The Results

Making the transition to the new and improved UnidenHosting managed infrastructure enabled Sunburst Chemicals to achieve:

  • More Reliability and Uptime
  • UnidenHosting helped Sunburst Chemicals migrate their email servers from an on-premises environment and internally-run data center to a UnidenHosting-managed email environment that is constantly monitored, and fully supported by UnidenHosting experts.

  • Lower Costs
  • With UnidenHosting‚Äôs help, Sunburst Chemicals eliminated the need for on-premise servers and the associated physical infrastructure. This led to a significant savings in upfront CAPEX costs.

  • Better Backups
  • Sunburst Chemicals is now able to bounce back at any time because of regular UnidenHosting backups.

  • Increased Productivity
  • With Office 365, Sunburst Chemicals‚Äôs 800 employees now utilize an integrated set of tools to communicate, share files, sync calendars, and more. There is now less software for the three-person IT team to track, control and troubleshoot. This helps keep support costs down and allows Sunburst Chemicals to more on development efforts on a smaller group of platforms, thereby increasing overall productivity.

  • More Control
  • After the transition to Office 365, Sunburst Chemicals regained control of several management tasks, giving them more flexibility and control to be nimble and act fast.

  • Increased Customization
  • By using Office 365 within a dedicated Sunburst Chemicals-only environment, Sunburst Chemicals can achieve more customization, as well as upgrade their mailbox capacity by 2x from 25 GB to 50 GB., LLC created a powerful managed cloud solution for Recreation Plus, Ltd that reduced playscape rendering times from 10 hours to 1 hour without needing to hire additional IT resources or investing in additional CAPEX. Making the transition to the new and improved, LLC infrastructure solution enabled Recreation Plus, Ltd to:

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