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Setting an online presence


The Background

The concept for Lavender & Honey stemmed out of the two owners; Charlie & Melanie Porter's love for cafe culture and a desire to make a difference in the local community. With a strong desire, the two cafe lovers, combined and drew inspiration from their experiences as former Baristas, from their travels to many major cafe destinations all over the world, and almost more importantly, from the many local artisans whose products exemplify their commitment to quality above all else.

Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar LLC's mission is to provide customers with a unique, boutique coffee experience, to ensure that each cup of coffee served is as perfect as it can possibly be, and to remember that a commitment to community is why they are here. Coffee is community, and, for them, excellent coffee leads to an even better community.

Today's industry, there are numerous hosting providers from big to small all the saying the same - to providing customers with a rock solid solution that empowers the end user.

Melanie and Charlie Porter first contacted UnidenHosting through an online forum where other web hosting providers could advertise their products. With their current hosting provider not giving them the flexibility they needed for the budget they were looking for, the Porters decided it was time to move.

The Problem

Previous to the UnidenHosting web hosting services, Charlie and Melanie had been running their website on an over cramped shared web hosting environment.

Unfortunately, this approach did not deliver the redundancy required nor did the company offer the flexibility, spurring the decision to upgrade a more stable infrastructure and migrate the website data workloads to bigger hosting plan was not an easy task for non-tech savvy owners.

Site Speed

“Whenever I was saving or updating something, I had to wait for like 20 seconds.” Charlie said. “The most frustrating thing is to try and upload something onto my website and after waiting several hours, it would just time out and my website would not be accessible. It was really annoying and frustrating. So much for a big provider. ”

Although on a basic Shared Hosting Plan with a reputable hosting provider, it shouldn't mean you don't get the best quality for your website. Lavender and Honey's website was originally running on a WordPress optimized platform facing several slow site loads.

“The waiting time always starts at 30 minutes, and when it gets to 1 minute, you have to wait for 10 more.” Charlie said. “That’s just too much, especially if your site is down or something.”


When Charlie and Melanie needed assistance, support was never around for immediate help. This is the main reason that pushed Charlie and Melanie moved Lavender & Honey to a new hosting provider.

“The waiting time always starts at 30 minutes, and when it gets to 1 minute, you have to wait for 10 more.” Charlie said. “That’s just too much, especially if your site is down or something.”

The Solution

Shared web hosting plans are sometimes the root of the crop, and having a service that sometimes gets neglected from provider to provider, it shouldn't be this way. UnidenHosting was able to understand the needs and requirements of both Charlie and Melanie Porter and provide a solution that was significantly cheaper than the previous provider. UnidenHosing prides itself in having servers that are not overloaded, especially in the shared web hosting environment by having an entire floor in the Colorado Springs Data Center dedicated to only hosting environments. This enabled UnidenHosting to ensure no server is overloaded and all server loads are well under the recommended levels.


Allowing users to enable a free CDN onto websites helps increase website speed with optimized servers running on varnish cache and a redundant cloud platform truly empowers the end user to have full control over the quality of their website.


We provide support via phone, live chat, and email/ticket system. Email/ticket support has a guaranteed response time of 30 minuets or less otherwise we provide a free month of service for any minuet over. No other provider offers this guarantee.

Anytime Money Back

The service we provide is a true risk-free service. We offer a anytime money back guarantee.

“It's nice to have a provider willing to do pretty much everything for you without asking you for more money” Charlie said. “I contacted support three times on live chat until now, and the waiting time was like 10-20 seconds. And that’s not all… they’re extremely friendly and cool. When I first talked to a guy there (Frank), I felt like talking to a buddy on Skype, cracking jokes and stuff. ”

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