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The Infinity Sports and Fitness Trusts UnidenHosting With Its Digital Transformation


The Background

Infinity Sports & Fitness is a Fitness Solution for the whole family with services including Personal Training, Children’s Fitness Coaching and Body Transformation for the adults. Founded by Head Coach, Joe Cooper, Infinity Sport and Fitness’s key goal is to put the fun into fitness for children and inspire, motivate and achieve amazing results with all clients. Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire the gym used for personal training sessions uses a minimalist approach to training using body-weight, resistance training and HIIT to improve fitness levels whilst transforming your physical appearance.

The importance of being online for Infinity Sports & Fitness were critical in operating online coaching and generating sales; however, the reliability of staying online and the speed the website delivered slowed the amount of time it took a downfall in sales potential—and business growth. Infinity Sports & Fitness needed a solution that could shorten rendering times while keeping resources on a comfortable budget.

The Challenges


Before working with UnidenHosting, The Infinity Sports and Fitness relied on a non-redundant, dedicated server environment running on Windows 2000. That environment was considerably lacking, and any failure could result in the loss of access for thousands of online visitors.


In addition to their redundancy issues, The Infinity Sports and Fitness used variety of Microsoft-based solutions, so it needed a single partner that was familiar with the unique challenges associated with all of those products.

Redundancy was a huge priority for our organization. It’s a mission-critical application and can be used anywhere not only for on-site guests, but for those off-site as well.

— Joe Cooper, Owner of Infinity Sports & Fitness

The Solution

Building a Complete, Fully-Managed Infrastructure

After weighing its options, The Infinity Sports and Fitness found that UnidenHosting's Virtual Private Server solution with a custom-cluster setup would be the best solution for its needs. The UnidenHosting Solution Engineering Team worked hand-in-hand with the Infinity Sports and Fitness team to migrate all data from Microsoft-based solutions to Linux-based solutions while creating a fully-managed private cloud solution capable of supporting a multimedia-rich experience with maximum uptime.

High Availability, Managed 24/7/365

To allow the Infinity Sports and Fitness team to focus on day-to-day business needs during the transition,, LLC provided a perfect-uptime, high-performance, virtualized dedicated infrastructure solution that was deployed, built, configured, and supported by, LLC.

Expert Management

For continued support,, LLC managed Infinity Sports and Fitness's constantly growing database of over 100TB of dedicated storage.

Closer look at the architecture UnidenHosting built

UnidenHosting worked extensively with The Infinity Sports and Fitness IT staff to refine the solution design, ensuring it would meet their specific requirements. The UnidenHosting team also helped ensure sufficient capacity would be available for the fitness's current digitization initiative of online meal plans, online workout guides, as well as future improvements. Best of all, UnidenHosting ensured that The Infinity Sports and Fitness would be able to utilize familiar technology.

When all was said and done, the team designed and deployed a redundant environment that included multiple applications and several database servers, along with over 10 terabytes of storage space to start and the ability to scale seamlessly to hundreds of terabytes. This platform configuration delivered the perfect balance of two important benefits:

  • Scalability to support the customized online fitness plans to digitize their always-growing online customers
  • Reliability for a mission-critical application of this type

The Results

Once the new UnidenHosting solution was deployed, Infinity Sports and Fitness was able to turn off the old legacy environment, completing the migration to a new platform that better supported their long-term requirements.

Excellent Redundancy and Scalability

Along with combining the security and configurability of a dedicated server environment with the flexibility of a public cloud, the UnidenHosting Virtual Private Cloud provided several key benefits including:

  • Increased redundancy and reliability compared to the previous single-server environment running on Windows 2000
  • Resources and scalability to support aggressive digital transformation initiatives
  • Easy management by an IT staff familiar with Linux and Microsoft

Total Linux and Windows Compatibility

By using the latest CentOS and Microsoft Windows Azure Pack, UnidenHosting ensured that The Infinity Sports and Fitness would be able to utilize familiar technology for direct office-to-office use. This also allowed for the management of:

  • Access to PowerShell cmdlets
  • Easy-to-use UI, providing simple access and configurability to all resources
  • Firewalls and inbound rules, virtual networking, segmentation, and isolation Additional features of this solution include:

  • - HA-dedicated firewalls that allow for network isolation, VPN capabilities, and faster speeds
  • - An advanced, virtualized deployment that includes dedicated servers running in a cluster for fault tolerance, each server configured with CentOS and Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V
  • - Data that's stored in a fully-redundant storage array with 3-way mirroring; this storage array runs on RAID-10 Storage Spaces technology, surfaced to the virtual machines through Scale Out File Services directly from UnidenHosting's customer VPS panel.

Just like how I started my business, I had a vision for what I wanted, and UnidenHosting's solution was the most complete. Performance-wise, the new environment is night and day from our old environment. Me and my staff now have the flexibility to spin it up and spin it down and do what we need to do. We’ve been very satisfied with the build-out, transition, and ongoing support from UnidenHosting. I won't hesitate to bring future clients UnidenHosting's establishment, I appreciate the excellent service provided and your attention to detail, great service all the way. Cheers!

— Joe Cooper, Owner of Infinity Sports & Fitness

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