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HoneyBook uses UnidenHosting services to host their high-performance client based architecture system

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The Background

HoneyBook helps creative entrepreneurs and freelancers book more clients, manage projects and get paid—all in one place. With their business management software, you can automate your busy work and stay on top of all your to-dos, saving time and money so you can grow your business. It’s like your own personal assistant. Small business owners and freelancers have tripled their bookings and saved multiple hours a day using HoneyBook tools.

The importance of being online for HoneyBook were critical in operating their software; however, the reliability of staying online and the speed the website delivered slowed the amount of time it took a downfall in sales potential—and business growth. HoneyBook needed a solution that could shorten rendering times while keeping resources on a comfortable budget.

The Challenges


HoneyBook has a critical application that offers software-based services that enable creative entrepreneurs and freelancers to book more clients, manage projects and get paid—all in one place. One of the key challenges listed by HoneyBook was the ability to ensure 24/7 access to web-based services. Customers and vendors alike need to access services anytime day or night to monitor the credentials, financial status of vendors. HoneyBook wanted to deliver multiple virtual hosts that performed the same function grouped into pools of hosts as well as having a pool of hosts perform the same function, thereby delivering complete system availability and redundancy in the event of a failure.

It is very important that we have redundancy. It’s actually mission-critical for the survival of our application. We needed a host who understands that, not just try to 'sell the idea' of it.

— Dror Shimoni, Founder, HoneyBook

The Results

Creating a tailored solution to meet the needs and demands.

In looking at possible solutions,, LLC needed to deliver key data center infrastructure that was tailored for HoneyBook and not offered directly on the website. UnidenHosting created a built to run mission-critical applications that could handle large volumes of crucial data for HoneyBook. Additionally, the infrastructure needs to operate reliably and continually while being able to handle increasing business volume, peak traffic and expanding services. Because system availability was a priority, UnidenHosting and HoneyBook deployed enterprise-grade dedicated hardware including dedicated servers and Juniper SRX security devices configured in a highly available configuration. Each system was selected or optimal performance giving HoneyBook maximum processing threads per host and complete redundancy across the infrastructure.

At HoneyBook our core values inform every decision we make, from hiring to product development to customer service. We saw that in UnidenHosting; Going The Extra Mile, Customers Come First, Love What They Do, Being A Family, and Fearless.

— Oz Alon, HoneyBook co-founder and CEO

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