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SaaS Success Story: Colorado Regional Health Information Organization


The Background

CORHIO is a nonprofit organization that partners with healthcare providers and payers to achieve shared Triple Aim goals of improving healthcare quality, reducing costs, and enhancing patient experiences.

CORHIO manages one of the country’s largest and most successful health information exchange (HIE) networks, provides advisory services that help healthcare professionals effectively use technology and improve care delivery, and supplies health plans and accountable care organizations (ACOs) with valuable data that enhance analytics and population health programs.

When Corhio decided to offer healthcare SaaS to better meet the needs of small business, it needed a reliable infrastructure hosting provider.

Corhio not only receives a valuable product and service with UnidenHosting; it saves them money as a non-profit as well.

The Challenges

With no previously hosted software solution, Corhio found that they were not meeting the needs of smaller businesses. These firms could not afford to hire an IT department of their own for on-premise software. Therefore, an interest in hosted software emerged with this target group. Corhio recognized these needs and decided to provide clients with an option of hosted software, commonly referred to as software as a service, or 'SaaS.’ To do so, they knew that they needed a reliable infrastructure hosting partner and reached out to the top three Web hosting companies in the United States to determine the best fit for their business.

The Solution

After issuing an RFP to each of the top providers, Corhio determined that UnidenHosting was the most compatible match. UnidenHosting was chosen as the ideal partner for a number of reasons: length of time in the business which displayed both stability and success, rapid response time from the tech team, compatibility with service needs, and a knowledgeable sales team.

UnidenHosting began its partnership with Corhio in 2016. UnidenHosting offers both services and support to the Corhio team. They host eight separate accounts, each including Firewall Protection as well as HIPAA and SAS70 Type II audit. They have a total of approximately 25 servers, all offering load balancing and adjusted bandwidth for multi-service solutions. With several data centers located in North America, Europe, and Asia, and a 100% fully owned data center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado only an hour away from Corhio's main hub. UnidenHosting allows Corhio to grow without having to pursue other Web hosting options.

The Results

The Corhio partnership with UnidenHosting has been based on a strong level of services and reliability with both companies reaping the benefits. The minimum level of support calls required by UnidenHosting’s hosted software solution provides Corhio with not only satisfied customers, but it also reduces Corhio’s tech team’s time on support calls. On-premise software has a higher potential requirement for support with a potential for hardware-related issues as well as human error.

Corhio has even seen something as simple as hardware that was accidentally unplugged causing a need for tech support. Of course, support time is money to a company, so Corhio not only receives a valuable product and service with UnidenHosting; it saves them money as well.

In the two years we have partnered with UnidenHosting, I can never remember it being down. Reliability was an important factor in Corhio’s decision, and UnidenHosting has delivered 100%

— Marilyn Solano, Corhio Marketing/Business/Development Director

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