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Colorado State Bank and Trust Modernizes Its Digital Mortgage Platform with UnidenHosting’s Custom Tailored Private Cloud Solution


The Background

For Colorado State Bank and Trust, financial industry’s first automated digital mortgage lending platform, success means maintaining an infrastructure that’s flexible and scalable enough to process more loans faster, easier, and more securely. Fast loan processing is challenging because organizations need to keep up with the equally fast- and ever-changing requirements in the financial sector that ensure compliance and security, such as the CSBT-Oxley Act of 2002, which put tighter scrutiny on companies dealing with financial information. This law requires affected organizations to constantly audit their systems to ensure client data is protected. With more than 4,000 cyberattacks against businesses occurring every day, Colorado State Bank and Trust needed a partner to consolidate and modernize their test and development environment, focusing on security, compliance, and uptime.

The Challenges

To fulfill their promise to customers and follow the law, Colorado State Bank and Trust needed to consolidate more than 100 test and development servers. Prior to finding UnidenHosting, the company had been using a large global technology provider that serves the financial services industry by hosting n-Gage, a platform used by many mortgage banking and payment providers, including Colorado State Bank and Trust. However, using this vendor’s SaaS model to host n-Gage was proving to be quite costly, and Colorado State Bank and Trust was sharing compute resources with other clients of the vendor, which led to compliance issues and concerns.

Colorado State Bank and Trust wanted to partner with a reputable and knowledgeable managed hosting provider that could provide the company with:

  • Compliant and secure solutions
  • Cost-efficient scalability
  • Dedicated compute resources not shared with other customers
  • The ability to adopt the latest in DevOps principles
  • A dedicated private cloud platform to work in development and testing before moving workloads to production

We needed the most trusted security solution in the industry to ensure we meet the service level agreements we have with our clients. UnidenHosting has given us the flexibility we need to adopt the best of breed security solutions and quickly adapt to all the latest regulatory requirements.

— Todd Piano, Sr. VP of Product Technology

The Solution

Test and Development as the First Line of Defense

Built around Microsoft’s hypervisor platform, UnidenHosting implemented a Hyper-V failover cluster—a group of independent computers that work together to provide a high-availability resource that could easily scale for Colorado State Bank and Trust’s multiple server workloads.

A Smooth Transition

After a thorough assessment, UnidenHosting recommended and built a three-tier architecture using multiple dedicated load-balanced web servers, databases, and workflow engines—all on a Hyper-V private cloud. This provided Colorado State Bank and Trust with a smooth transition that didn’t require the company to migrate to an unfamiliar public cloud environment, which could have introduced a plethora of risks at that stage. It also allowed Colorado State Bank and Trust to leverage the industry’s most modern hardware, software, and service offerings, along with the in-depth expertise that UnidenHosting brings.


Additionally, this infrastructure offered high availability and redundancy that could be passed on to the wide range of third-party services that were integrated into Colorado State Bank and Trust’s banking and mortgage product suites.

The Results

After successfully upgrading its test and development environment, UnidenHosting worked with the Colorado State Bank and Trust team to ensure rapid spin up-of resources measured in hours, rather than weeks, as was the case with its prior environment. Colorado State Bank and Trust determined that the service, professionalism, and pricing it received made UnidenHosting an obvious choice as the provider to enhance the company’s production environment, as well.

UnidenHosting delivered a rock-solid platform, consultation and ongoing management that made our lives much easier. It was an incredibly easy decision to stay with them as the provider for our production environment, in addition to test and development, especially because UnidenHosting provides excellent expertise on server cluster creation and management.

— Todd Piano, Sr. VP of Product Technology

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