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The Background

Carbon8 | 9thWonder is an interactive advertising agency located in the Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Carbon8 was founded on the idea that in the digital era of marketing, great creative and strategy require great programming. Carbon8 has a talented creative department backed by a large in-house programming department. They are a full service agency providing branding, web design, iPad and iPhone marketing and sales apps, search engine marketing, social media marketing, video, print design, and market strategy.

Carbon8 | 9thWonder is growing quickly from its founding in 2009, serving clients range from Fortune 500 companies to startups in the United States and Europe.

According to Mark Mitton, Carbon8 President and Founder, the organization count on several UnidenHosting solutions, including those related to its database servers and web servers which allows a Carbon8 client to obtain high resolution advertisement files from static images, to videos. The company also utilizes a UnidenHosting firewall solution to safeguard its network. UnidenHosting operates and manages the entirety IT core infrastructure with a managed service solution tailored to Carbon8.

“We are design people, unidenhosting is IT people. We don't need to work harder, we just needed to work smarter. UnidenHosting manages all of our servers from updates, firewalls” Mitton said. “just everything.”

Creating A Tailored Solution

In addition to its needs, Carbon8 also began leveraging UnidenHosting services for the company’s tailored cloud services, which are not directly offered on the company website. Mitton had noted that this process began this year, as the organization looked to establish the website and database on a CDN, specifically devoted to increase download speeds for oversea's customers.

During this time, leaders within the company had a difficult balance they were looking to maintain. They needed a system that would enable them to be fully prepared to reach customers worldwide while still fitting within their budget.

This is where Carbon8's partnership with, LLC became increasingly valuable. UnidenHosting experts were able to recommend the best configuration that would keep processes going temporarily while staying in line with the business budget.

“Both sections of our company, Carbon8 and 9thWonder was able to figure out what we would need to keep running while we did such a huge transition broken into smaller period of time, obviously, until our service was up and running fully,” Mitton said. “Unidenhosting was able to provide us a solution that was truly tailored for our business and didn’t double our spending. We were able to spend less than we thought we would have to to have a second site (9thWonder) running on the same platform. Try adding the price with Cloudflare and see if that's even acceptable in price, we were offered an even better solution with a remarkably better rate than we can get anywhere.”

Mitton added that it is beneficial to have a web hosting provider who they can take a physical trip and visit it's operations, in addition a company that takes the time to know what Carbon8 has as well as what they need, and can recommend the best components to bring value to any project Carbon8 9thWonder is working on.

“In our research, we could find so many hosting providers that pretend to be big players and we felt for that fall too. As we have grown over the years, we had a real demand in service. You don't see much advertisements online about UnidenHosting but advertisement placements around Denver-metro are appealing. ” Mitton said. “That's how we found UnidenHosting. The drive from Denver to Colorado Springs is no more than an hour drive and it's worth the visit. A real provider, with a real datacenter to offer real solutions. That's what we needed. UnidenHosting was able to provide us with 247 365 access to our data which allows us to always be there for our clients”

The Result

Utilizing UnidenHosting is the fact that the relationship with both companies enables the internal team of Carbon8 and 9thWonder to remain focused on their core company processes while not having to worry about their IT infrastructure. For Mitton, this means he is able to keep his attention on the design and software aspect of his organization while UnidenHosting maintains the hardware.

“Like I had mentioned earlier, that's the best part for me. I literally don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to the IT stuff. We are design people, UnidenHosting are the IT people. I know that no matter which way the cookie falls, everything is taken care of,” Mitton said. “I know the servers are going to be running”
“It's really nice that UnidenHosting periodically checks in on the quality and service with the QAQC team. The fact that you guys are consistently keeping in touch to find ways to improve your service, is really my favorite part, it's not just a one-and-done service like every hosting” Mitton added. “The last time our team went to go visit UnidenHosting in Colorado Springs, just watching you guys work, you guys seemed really busy! I couldn't image having to check in with all of the customers like that, I would probably go crazy or send double emails.”

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