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3155 Tech Center Drive, Bldg #A
Colorado Springs, CO 80919 USA

Visiting Hours

Mon-Fri : 9 a.m. — 4:30 p.m. (MST)
Sat-Sun : 10 a.m. — 1 p.m. (MST)


3145 Tech Center Drive, Bldg #B
Colorado Springs, CO 80919 USA

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We're Friendly

Our staff are the face and voice of UnidenHosting, and it is through our commitment to employing the very best people throughout our organisation that we are able to deliver exceptional friendly service to our customers. We adopt a rigorous approach to building our teams, with a unique recruitment process ensuring that only the strongest candidates are considered for roles within UnidenHosting.


We're Knowledgeable

We see ourselves as Veterans in the Web Hosting Industry, providing not only reactive support but also proactive guidance on assisting our customers. In order to achieve this we must be experts not only on the ever-changing IT landscape, but also on the industry sectors in which our customers operate. We recognise the importance of due diligence and our people take it seriously; its in our blood.


We're in-house

Our reputation is built around the high levels of support delivered throughout the business, but especially by our Customer Support teams. We are a web hosting company that prides itself in delivering top-notch support, and that means investing significantly in our people. More than 75% of our staff work in technical services, and we are able to provide comprehensive 24/7 support to customers globally.


Company FAQ

  • Who is UnidenHosting?
    UnidenHosting.com, LLC has been providing web hosting services for the past 21 years. Although technology has changed from the time UnidenHosting (formally known as AllBay.Org) started in 1998, UnidenHosting's core principles of quality, service, and support have remained the same. UnidenHosting.com, LLC has evolved its product offering to include Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Servers, and Dedicated Servers to continue to exceed customers' expectations such as an anytime money-back promise, 100% uptime guarantee, 30 minute or less response to any support inquiry for receive a free month of service for any minuet over. UnidenHosting.com, LLC remains a go-to choice in the hosting industry.

    As a leading web hosting provider, UnidenHosting is able to provide its extensive customer base with innovative products and services designed to complement existing or new businesses and websites. UnidenHosting service customers ranging from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and international. UnidenHosting.com, LLC takes tremendous pride in the commitment to ensure security, reliability, and technical expertise to each individual customer. Being one of the few service providers that offer around-the-clock in-house customer support with live representatives available 24/7. UnidenHosting is headquartered in Colorado with operations around the United States and in Europe.

    You can learn more about us by visiting our About Us page.
  • Do you accept walk-in tours?
    We do not accept walk-in visits as these are
    guided tours.

    Public tour requests must be made via e-mail and approved before your arrival. You can send all visit requests to tours@unidenhosting.com or send directly to either of our Office Secretary's Elissa Andersen (Elissa.Andersen@unidenhosting.com) or Gracie-May Henson (Gracie-May.Henson@unidenhosting.com) who will coordinate your visit. These guided tours are available from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday (excluding federal holidays or unless otherwise noted).

    Colocation customers are required to schedule a guided tour of our offices (building #A) however, have 24/7 private and secure access to their locking cabinets within our data center facility (building #B) with assigned account access badge.
  • How may I contact the Head Corporate Office?
    You may contact our Head Corporate Office (3155 Tech Center Drive Bldg #A, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 USA) at +1 (719) 424-3002 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday through Friday (excluding federal holidays).
    *Our Head Corporate office line does not provide support or assistance with UnidenHosting products and services.

    If you wish to inquire about our products, services, promotional offers or seeking assistance on current services, please call toll free +1 (844) 443-3668

    • Press 1 for our Customer Service Department
    • Press 2 for our Sales Department

General Questions

  • When will my account be setup?
    After purchasing the product of your choice and submitting your inital payment, your account begins the setup process. We do not automate the setup as we have staff available 24x7 who will review and setup your order to your specifictions and requirements.

    The estimated time frame for each type of hosting type is as follows:

    • Shared, Reseller, Optimized WordPress, and Cloud Sites accounts take 10 to 45 minutes to set up.
    • Virtual Servers (VPS) with cPanel or Plesk takes 1 to 2 hours to set up.
      Virtual Servers without cPanel or Plesk or any special partitions or requests takes less than 1 hour to set up.
    • Dedicated server takes no more than 24 hours to set up but average 60 minutes to set up.

    Please Note: All dedicated servers are custom built to meet every customer's custom specifications and requests. We do not pre-configure servers or automate any setup process.

    If you wish to pay with eCheck, a regular check, money order, cash, or EFT, it may take longer to activate your account while we wait to receive payment.

    If you have any concerns during your order process or wait times, you are free to contact us by e-mail, support ticket system, live chat and by phone. Call toll free (844) 443-3668 extension #1 for support and we'll be more than happy to clear any questions, comments or concerns.
  • Do I need a domain name?
    Yes, some people set up free blogs or other types of sites using a domain name that belongs to a third-party service like WordPress.com or Tumblr. That’s okay for small personal blogs — but if you want to build a serious online presence, you really should have your own domain name.

    It isn’t hard to get your own domain, we offer free domain names on annual paid plans. Can't pay for a whole year upfront? No problem. Contact our Sales Department either live chat, e-mail (sales@unidenhosting.com) or by phone (844) 443-3668 extension #2.
  • There was a mistake on my order, who do I contact?
    Contact our Customer Support Department. Simply send an email to support@unidenhosting.com or by logging into your client area and opening a support ticket request. You can also reach the Customer Service Department toll free at (844) 443-3668 extension #1 for support. We are available 24x7 and ready to assist you.
  • How long does it take to migrate my website?
    This depends on a large number of factors; account size, number of accounts, ease of migration between your previous web host, etc. Account migration could take as little as a few minutes, to a number of days, depending on what you are moving over, and from where. We will keep you fully updated on the process via support ticket.
  • How long does it take to respond to a ticket?
    We guarantee you will receive a response to your support inquiry within 30 minuets or less. If we ever fall short of this commitment to you, we will credit your account a free month of service for every minuet over. Our average support response currently sits at 2 minutes, 29 seconds as of
  • How long does it take to resolve a issue?
    Statistically, most tickets are resolved within 3 hours. However, the truth of the matter is, this question does not have a simple answer. A resolution to a ticket all depends mostly on the complexity and urgency of it. You will see some tickets resolved within minutes, and others within hours.

Other questions

  • How do I join the UnidenHosting team?
    Got what it takes? If you want to work in a collaborative environment where differences are made, opportunities are offered, skills stretched and excellence is required, all to be rewarded with great benefits, we might be exactly what you’re looking for.

    To find out our current job openings, check out our careers page.
  • Do you sponsor non-profit organizations?
    Please contact our Sales Department for more information on what we can do for you. You can reach them via live chat, e-mail; sales@unidenhosting.com, or by phone (844) 443-3668 extension #2, during traditional business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. After hours and weekends, sales e-mails are only checked periodically.
  • I found a deal online, but can't use code at check out?
    Get in touch with our Sales Department via live chat, e-mail; sales@unidenhosting.com, or by phone (844) 443-3668 extension #2.

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